Anton Uró

Q de festa! | Barcelona (ES)

Freelance consultant, working since 2009 with the Health Department of Catalonia, mainly in Responsible Alcohol Dispensing projects and the quality label Q de festal! with Spora Sinergies. He is also collaborating with several City Councils throughout the Catalan territory in the management of their parties. 

With 18 years of experience in services related to nightlife, he has worked for several clubs and founded a management company offering performances and other nighlife services. He co-founded SOM.NIT in 1999-2000, a peer2peer risk reduction project, which he assumed the project-management some years later.  He’s also the developer of SobreDrogas web portal and the related guides for families and educators. 

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Staff Training at Bars, Clubs and Festivals


Moderation: Judith Noijen/ Mitarbeitende von Clubs, Bars und Festivals sind wichtige Multiplikatoren für das Transportieren schadensmindernder und präventiver Botschaften. Egal ob es nun um illegale Drogen oder den Konsum von Alkohol handelt. Dieser Ansatz machen sich verschiedene Projekte und Gütesiegel Europas zu Nutzen. Im Mittelpunkt dieses Panels «Schulung von Bar-, Club- und Festival- Mitarbeiterinnen», präsentiert […]