Dimitri Hegemann

Kraftwerk | Berlin (DE)

Dimitri Hegemann (born 1954 in Westfalia) is a cultural activist and space pioneer – aiming to turn industrial ruins to cultural spaces. After studying musicology he opened in the 80ies an old shoe store the Fischbüro, a Dadaist club, he organized the Atonal Festival for new sounds and codes from 82.-90, opened the first acid house club UFO in 1988. After the wall came down in Dimitri and his friends opened the legendary techno club Tresor (1991 til 2005) which moved in 2007 to Kraftwerk Mitte. Tresor Club was the home of techno, the most important youth culture of the end of 20th century.  Tresor is known innovative new sounds, especially from Detroit and Dimitri Hegemann started a cultural exchange with Detroit artists.  In Detroit he is consultant for the Packard Plant, a former automobile manufacturing factory that will be rebuilt as a cultural center. His aim is to give Detroit something back for its sounds and people that helped to make Tresor such a success.  In Germany his latest projects are The Happy Locals, an agency that brings cultural offers for young people to smaller cities to prevent rural to urban migration and an the Acadamy of Subcultural understanding.


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