Jorge Sanza

NIX | Madrid (SP)

Jorge Sanza is an creative director regarding clubs and events. He is been a club promoter and he has been working as a Director/ Curator in Madrid Music Days since 2013, an annual event conceived in order to become a platform to support the national electronic music scene. Since 2016 Jorge Sanza has organized NIX, a movement devised by a series of cultural and social organizations, a meeting point for the different agents involved in the night life activities in the city.



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SIDE EVENT: International Night Ambassadors & Night Mayors Meeting

Native Instruments Berlin

Aside the STADT NACH ACHT conference program there will be again a meeting of night mayors, night ambassadors, night councils and political nightlife institutions. The first Night-Mayor was active in Groningen in the Netherlands. For several years the model of a mayor rsp. ambassador of the night has become more and more common in European […]